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Idea Postpaid Mobile

The different features of online payment are as follows:

  • It will save one’s precious effort and time for memorizing one’s due dates of bill, approaching drop boxes for making payments and writing of one’s cheque
  • Maintenance of online record of one’s bill
  • One can see one’s bill online
  • Receipt of free SMS reminders and Email
  • No Debit or Credit card is needed
  • Usage of one’s any bank account for payment of one’s bill
  • Payment of bills from any place at anytime
  • Payment of one’s bill by means of the internet

Bill Junction:

Another way of knowing about the online payment of idea bill is Bill Junction. It sends email remainders and SMS for informing the customer about the new bill and also reminding the customer before it gets overdue. It also gives pieces of information to the customer about the time of the payment of the bill. One should get one’s copy of physical bill from service provider. So, when one is busy, one will not forget abut the payment of bill because of these alerts and reminders. It also makes sure that no bills become overdue despite one’s busy schedule. So, there is no need of the payment of any penalty because of late payment.
It also gives one the control for setting a maximum limit for instructions auto-pay. If the amount of the bill is greater than the maximum limit, then it informs one. One is liable to pay these bills by means of the mode of Manual-Pay.

Thus, one is capable of saving one’s money and time every month in payment of one’s bills rather patronizing collection centers. The whole service makes the process convenient and easy by bringing one’s bills to one’s desktop. All the bills are payable online and it is as easy as pie.

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