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Indraprastha Gas Limited Bill Desk

Net Banking Payments and Credit Card: If one has a Net Banking account or a valid MasterCard, Visa, Diners Credit/ Debit Card, the payment of the bill may be done easily if the following steps are followed:

  • Visit the site www.iglonline.net.
  • There is a "Customer Zone" tab shown under which there is an “Existing customers” button provided on the on right side of the website if the registration is already there.
  • One has to login with the user name or password and BP number.
  • One has to click on "Online Payment" and then the steps given on the screen should be followed. If the registration link is not there on the website, one should click "New Users" tab and then registration with the BP Number, e-mail address or Mobile Number has to be done for accessing the account details online.

ECS or Electronic Clearing Services: Under the ECS system, the bank account should be debited facilitated through ECS for the PNG consumption bill amount. There is no need for opening any new bank account for this purpose, however, the existing bank account would suffice the purpose for availing the facility of easy payment.

The ECS form has to be filled and then it has to get countersigned by the bank. The form when completed has to be couriered along with the blank cheque cancelled of that very bank account to IGL:

Marketing Department (Indraprastha Gas Ltd.)
IGL Bhawan, Plot No. 4, Community Centre,
Sector 9, R.K. Puram,
New Delhi - 110022

The service gets operational in 3 weeks from the ECS form submission (for downloading ECS form, visit the site http://www.iglonline.net/Documents/ECS_New_02092011.pdf).

EBPP or Electronic Bill Presentment and Payment: The offer is facilitated by majority of the banks for the easy payment method of bills via Net banking. For availing this facility, the website of the respective bank has to be visited and then a login of the account needs to be done.

Click on "Bill Pay"

  • One has to click "Register for a New Biller".
  • Delhi should be entered as "State".
  • Then, "Category of Billers" to be entered as "Utility".
  • From the options list, "Indraprastha Gas Limited" has to be chosen then Click on Register.
  • Enter the BP Number as well as IGL nickname for the reference.
  • One may select to opt for "Auto pay" or "manual pay" as per the options given by bank.
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