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Tata Power Delhi Distribution Limited (NDPL) Bill Desk
Bill Desk
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Tata Power Delhi Distribution Limited (NDPL) Bill Desk

Essential Instructions to be followed prior to making payments

Credit/ Debit Card Payments

  • There would be no part payment permitted on debit/credit card online payments.
  • The payments done via debit/credit cards would be required to be made with a period of minimum 3 days advance prior to due date, in order to avoid surcharge of late payment.
  • No processing fees or charges would be charged by TPDDL for the electricity bills payment up to the amount of Rs 5000 in one billing cycle.
  • If the amount exceeds Rs 5000, the processing charges or fees would be collected directly by the consumer through Payment gateway/credit card company/Bank etc.
  • When online payment is made through same debit/ credit card, there is permission for five CA numbers or contract account numbers within one billing cycle.

Net Banking Payments

  • If payment is done through the Net banking option then there is no payment limit. There would be no processing charges or fees collected from the consumer through the Payment Gateway or Bank etc. on such payment.

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Note: The Online payment would be shown in one’s account after two working days.

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